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 Iyengar Yoga Bristol
Naomi  Iyengar Yoga Bristol

Welcome to Naomi - Iyengar Yoga Bristol
& the home of Recharge Retreats:
Iyengar Yoga classes, workshops and retreats,
Wim Hof Breathwork classes and workshops.


Naomi is a certified Iyengar yoga
teacher and Wim Hof Method instructor

Naomi teaches Iyengar yoga classes and workshops in Bristol.

She also runs Recharge Retreats; retreats and holidays in the UK and Europe.


Naomi - Iyengar Yoga Bristol


Yoga Retreat

Recharge Retreats

 Iyengar Yoga Bristol
Classes & Workshops
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What Clients Say

Morning Naomi,
I've been feeling quite anxious lately (like many people, I expect) and haven't been sleeping well at all.  However, last night, I felt so relaxed after class and slept so well. I haven't had such a good night's sleep in so long and my mood this morning is better as a consequence.
So, thank you very much!
Estel F.G - Online classes Jan 21
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